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Tax is as sure as death. Even in bankruptcy, it is a preferential debt, which must be paid before any distribution is made to both secured and unsecured creditors. The tax authority is given an absolute power of distrain over the assets of the defaulting taxpayer. Though the taxpayer may not have pledged the assets as a security for the payment of the tax. There is no equity in the doctrine of taxation. This means that no amount of efforts will be too much for a taxpayer to ensure maximization of all the tax benefit in accordance with the provision of the tax law. Time value of money can be maximized with an effective tax planning.

Sola Oyetayo & Co.’s Tax practice is focused on finding opportunities and leveraging them to the advantage of clients in form of tax savings. Through tailored initiatives, the practice can help reduce a client’s bottom-line expenses.

Our tax experts devote full time to Federal, State and local tax matters. We have the capability and experience to render a wide range of services to clients in planning transactions to optimise tax savings. Specific services provided include:

  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Assisting during the examination of returns by taxing authorities
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Estate and Income tax planning for individuals
  • Industrial Certificate of Acceptance
  • Comprehensive tax solutions
  • International tax
  • Merger and Acquisitions.

In today’s global economy, effective tax advice and planning gives business a competitive advantage. We offer a range of Tax services that are designed at providing client an effective tax planning. With the emerging rapid development in the new economy, your business deserves high quality tax advice. Our firm is committed to not only delivering but also surpassing your expectations.

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