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Enterprise Applications
We assist client solve complex business issues by selecting the software that can change their businesses for good. We offer a cost effective solution for managing and integrating all areas of businesses. They are easy to deploy and configure. They are also useful for small and medium business enterprises

Human Capital Management
We provide practical, multi-disciplined approaches to the increasingly complex human resources challenges facing businesses.

There is growing recognition that performance measurement is an essential part of creating optimal value for a company through its people. Only by evaluating the success of key staff against deliverables can problems be eradicated. Poor chemistry between the top team in an organisation can have consequences on shareholder value if the team is not developed and encouraged to interact in a more value adding way.

Using our training and performance evaluators, we ensure that companies are achieving optimal value for their businesses by focusing on the dynamics of key teams.

For most organisations, recruiting and retaining key staff is a priority issue. The war for talent and skills shortages, in both public and private sectors, are increasingly dictating company recruitment strategies. Labour surplus also exist in certain areas, therefore organisations need to achieve the right balance to meet business needs.

We help organisations define their staffing needs and deploy effective recruitment strategies to meet those needs.

We provide outsourcing services, helping our clients optimise the performance of important, but non-core business functions. We provide the qualified staff, technology, resources, resources and best practice business process in all business areas. This can be either on site or off-site with dictates of clients’ needs.

Strategy and Operations
Our strategy and operations practice help clients make major strategic decisions and implement business improvements in areas such as customer relationship, supply chain, mergers and acquisitions, financial management, program leadership and more.

Secretarial Services
Company law requires certain formalities, which relate to company registration, the keeping of books, and the preparation and filing of periodic returns with the regulatory authorities. We provide assistance in these areas, to new companies and to established clients who do not have the facilities available to handle them in-house.

33 Ogunlowo Street
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